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VIN E89656

A dealer documentation fee of up to $150 may be added to the sale price of this car.

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This 1961 Metropolitan is show quality, but is so low maintenance it would be a great to use everyday.  This rust free from new Western Washington car has outstanding fit and finish and runs a drives like a new car.  The engine has lots of pep and the car is very easy to operate.  There are lots of big windows that give the driver great visibility and everything on the car works just like it was designed.

We serviced the car with new oil and updated it to a spin on filter for easier servicing.  We performed a tune-up on our Sun Scope and replaced the spark plugs and wires and performed a valve adjustment and the engine runs strong and quietly.  We replaced the oil pan gasket to fix a leak and the car leaks no fluids.  The valve cover gasket was also replaced during the valve adjustment.

We replaced the combination ignition switch /headlight switch because the lock wasn't being retained properly. The rear differential has been upgraded to 3.90:1 ratio form the stock 4.22:1 ratio which gives the car an extra 7mph on the highway. That included a new pinion seal and axle seals. The original differential is included with the car and a set of gaskets to make the swap if you ever decide to return to the original gear ratio.

We sent the radio out and had it rebuilt with solid state parts and added FM and aux input.  We had the shifter lever re-chromed and while apart rebuilt the shifter mechanism for smoother shifting.  We replaced the steering column bearing and reset the Trafficator to cancel the turn signals after a turn.  We upgraded the front wheel bearings from straight to taper bearings.  We adjusted the front and rear brakes which both have 90% pad life remaining and the tires have 90% tread remaining.  This is a very solid car with great appeal, solid original body and properly serviced drivetrain.  This car s a standout.

1961 Metropolitan