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A negotiable dealer documentation fee of up to $200 may be added to the sale price of this vehicle

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A message from the Covid days in case it ever comes back

​​How am I keeping my customers safe from COVID-19?  I am a fully vaccinated single-person operation so there is only me here.  I am healthy, conscientious, and socially isolated.  I have fresh surgical gloves and 3M N-95 masks that are optional if you visit.  Paperwork can be performed remotely and the process is quick and efficient.  I serve only one customer at a time and the purchase rate is 99.8% of visitors buy the car they came to see.  If by chance a car was test-driven it is disinfected after the drive.

If you are looking for that extra layer of safety:

This business has always been primarily Internet-based.  Video Roadtests are associated with each vehicle tab and customers from around the country have purchased sight unseen and been extremely satisfied.  Please call to schedule an appointment.

What are we up to now?

Over the years I've collected a warehouse of classic cars and expected to work through them during retirement.  But, Covid threw a wrench into the used car business and I've started the in-depth restoration of these cars.

Stay tuned for our 1967 Camaro restomod, 1957 Thunderbird, 1969 Alfa Spider Veloce, 1995 BMW E34, and 1969 Nissan Patrol restorations.  Remember these cars are posted to our YouTube channel 2-days before they are posted for sale.


Automotive Velocity | Select Used Cars serving Monroe, Everett, Kirkland,

Automotive Velocity is a new alternative to the dreaded car shopping experience. No big store with lots of people (just waiting to jump you) or a huge lot with scores of cars and a fancy showroom. Just lower overhead and carefully chosen cars, so we can offer more value at a lower price. No one running back and forth to the sales manager with your offer or a finance manager trying to sell you extra things that you don’t need. Just one person who works directly with you to make sure that you get the car that best suits your needs -- paid for in a manner that best suits your budget. We make it simple to buy a car.

Our Basic Business Model

Automotive Velocity reverse engineered the Used Car business by leveraging lean business practices.  We operate with low overhead, fully recondition every vehicle including a reliability test and then price the vehicle to be the best value in market.  This philosophy creates a fast inventory turn that utilizes working capital up to 3 times better than current benchmark dealerships and creates very loyal customers.

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